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THURSDAY JANUARY 28th of 2021 

Artists and their audiences have been private for a few months now of these moments of sharing, emotions and escape that are the concerts and live shows.

Thank you to all of you for always being present via social networks and for continuing to dream with Sterpi!

You can support Sterpi via the "Tipeee" site and thus receive musical rewards, news, anecdotes, albums, unpublished videos ... Your support is of great importance for the artist to continue to work and to amaze you. In this way, you show your interest in its creation.

The link to> Tipeee Sterpi

This (sad) period nevertheless lends itself to creation, introspection and renewal.

While waiting for the resumption of concerts, Sterpi offers live Saturday on the Facebook page and is involved in many projects around music.

New titles are in preparation as well as collaborations with other artists.

One of these projects, still "Top Secret", consists of an association between two styles of guitarists on a basis of experimental and "modern" music.

The second project involves "graphic" artists (photographers, painters, designers ...) who have accepted to share their works in a series of video clips entitled "Arts-Fusion", illustrated by the music of Sterpi.

These clips in the form of slide shows will soon be available on Facebook and Youtube.



Sunday 07 26 2020

The successor to "Outlaws ..." will be there on July 31st !!!

It will be available on Spotify and all platforms,

as well as in "Lyrics-clips" on Youtube with the translation of the texts in French !!!

Visuel sterpi number 6




I hope that you emerge unscathed (even better: "stronger") from this unfortunate period.

It’s not all behind us yet, but we can see the sun
and the music is always alive to make us vibrate !!!

I didn't expect to give a "follow-up" to "Outlaws ..." so soon, but

during this confinement period, what can a musician do if not

improve or compose?

So I plugged in my guitars, my keyboards, my bass, my neurons

and my emotions to concoct 6 tracks from a new album ...

So this is the sixth ...

Hmm, six tracks ... sixth album ...

Okay ! It will simply be called: "NUMBER 6".

And then because "Number 6" is also the name of "Prisoner" this series of the 70's

which is not without recalling, in certain aspects, what we experienced ...

(Surveillance, call to order, propaganda, speeches from number 2 ...)

"- I am number 2!

- But, who is number One?

- You are Number 6!

- No! I'm not a number, I am a free man! "

Understand who saw the series or extracts.

In any case, no need to have seen "The Prisoner" to

delve into this next album.

It will quickly be made available to your ears, and honestly,

I am really very proud of the result both in terms of content and form.

You will be able to judge it within the next few days.

In the meantime, be well and stay "groovy";)

The concerts resume very slowly from August, see you very soon live !!!

                                                        Kisses - Chris -

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